Development Management


At Accordus we believe good design and the use of high quality and sustainable materials bring many benefits to the end user and ultimately to the broader community.

Wherever possible we will be seeking to maximise the use of Off Site Manufacturing (OSM) to exploit the advantages that a well-designed and constructed product can deliver. This not only applies to the short term, but also post occupancy to enable low cost maintenance to be realised.


Selecting the right team is vital to the success of any project. We use our skill and experience to ensure that the required companies or individuals are selected to each project, ensuring that we avoid duplication of roles and maximise efficiency. The development of a robust project plan ensures that all involved understand and take ownership of their roles and responsibilities.


  • Develop the Initial Concept – work closely with our Clients to establish their requirements and undertake market research to establish opportunity and risk
  • Assess and agree the Acquisition strategy – following up on marketing strategy with development appraisal to establish viability
  • Stakeholder engagement – identify and consult with the Key project stakeholders
  • Initial cost plan and high-level appraisal to further test and verify scheme viability
  • Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) – where we are going to deploy OSM to deliver the scheme to ensure that the scheme as designed can be built with reversion to planning
  • BIM development – build a practical and easy to navigate model to ensure that immediate design issues are resolved, and all FM outcome requirements are fully met
  • Outline or Full Planning application – depending on our Clients preference to take the development forward or to dispose of the site with viable a planning consent., this requires engagement and close working with the LPA and other key parties.
  • Revised cost planning and detailed appraisal – to re-test the planning outcome to ensure that viability has not been diminished
  • Delivery options, procurement and structures – assessing how the scheme will be financed and the most suitable delivery vehicle or structure
  • Delivery to handover – manage the delivery programme and the appointed team through to successful handover